Meet the Sperbers…

One of the many things I have always loved about photography is that it has opened up so many doors to new friendships for me!

I get the chance to not only capture a special moment in someones life, but I also get to create a bond and a trust where my clients feel comfortable and we can all laugh like we didn’t just meet 10 minutes prior.

With this family session, I got to have way more fun than anticipated!

We started the day by doing a quick family shoot, with every intention of sneaking in a Grad Session for their oldest daughter as well. Lets face it, I am a sucker for families and all of the bonds that are shared. So, we spent most of the morning walking around DC Ranch finding some really fun spots (not without tons of entertainment from the whole family though).

I love the bond this family shares, it is so warm and caring! You can tell the girls adore and respect their parents, and it was incredibly sweet listening to the father share how long him and his bride have been together for.

Lets not forgot how gorgeous their senior is! Seriously, I wish I was as confident and beautiful as that girl at 17!

Again I am reminded of how lucky I am to have such great clients! Check this adorable family out…



David and the not so Cake Smash..

As always, I am playing a little catch up on the blog (eventually I’ll be able to do it 3 days a week with no issue I’m sure!).

As I am updating the past few weeks sessions though, I am reminded of how fast time flies without you even noticing it. This adorable little guy (who happens to be my handsome nephew) is going to be 1 this month. I mean, come on!!

I remember waiting for this little guys arrival a year ago, taking endless photos of my brother and his girlfriend and the anticipation those two had waiting for him. In that hospital room I got to watch my little brother become a Dad, and I got to meet one of the greatest blessings in my life.

A lot has changed for this little family over the past year. They have moved, they have all grown as people and as a family, and David’s mom and dad got engaged! To say my heart is so full for these 3 is an understatement.

So, we decided to document this big birthday by taking this little guy out to one of my favorite desert spots. There were balloons and a cute little cake, and a whole lot of dinosaur attire. Let me tell you, I had never had a toddler sit on their birthday cake instead of eating it until that day.

Check out the incredible cuteness we captured..

The Great Snow Adventure- Lexi and Matt


Sometimes you have to take a little road trip with friends to create some magic!

We started our adventure by traveling two hours north of Phoenix to the beautiful mountains of Flagstaff! When we got to our intended location we were told we couldn’t head up the mountain unless we were going to snowboard/ski, so we immediately became pros at snowboarding!

Once we got up the mountain we headed over to our first location, where I decided to be the adventurous one and slide down the mountain (on my butt mind you) and was greeted by snow up to my belly button.

It may sound a little dramatic, but the three of us literally felt like we were climbing Mount Everest to get back up to the road getting stuck every step along the way.

Luckily, these two were down to do a little adventuring around Flagstaff and we stumbled across the perfect back road to play in the snow.

I love the way these two adore each other! They giggled and smiled the whole session, and they were the true definition of ideal clients when it came to laying and sitting in some pretty fresh snow to capture some incredibly sweet moments!

I am so glad these two found each other, and that they were such good sports when it came to my crazy demands 🙂

Check out this gorgeous snow session below..


Blane and Dylan’s Maternity Shoot

This beautiful mama is on the blog today!

When Blane first reached out about photos I knew I wanted to be a part of their journey, and let me tell you their journey has not been the easiest.

Even with a few scares, these two have been incredibly strong and hopeful that their little man would be healthy. Both Blane and Dylan are so sweet and loving, and you can just tell they were meant to be parents.

Blane absolutely glowed during our shoot, and we even got him to do a little kicking during the hour we spent together.

One of my favorite moments was at the top of the mountain when Dylan insisted we do a stomach to stomach pose. I will say the daddy to be was a close second, but it was so sweet to watch these two laugh as they touched stomachs and he leaned down to kiss her sweet little bump.

I cannot wait to do their big maternity session closer to the due date, and to capture their precious family after he is born!

Check out these adorable parents to be..

Meet My Talented Friend Brooke, The Seasonal Junkie

I am always extremely curious when I get inquiries from small business owners about pictures of their professions. Cooking and Baking is definitely not one of my strengths, but this girl made it look so easy and effortless.

From the moment Brooke reached out, I knew we were going to have some serious fun!

So here’s a little background on the adorable girl featured today! Brooke is a Culinary Arts Graduate with a degree in Nutrition as well. She loves to cook and create healthy meals that are not only good for you, but the dishes are beautiful!

Her attention to detail when even just making a Kale Salad was something so fun to watch! She also shared with me the key to how she knows she’s made a great dish, every cupboard will be opened by the end of it!

Not only is she very talented, but is as sweet as she is personable and she made me feel right at home from the moment I walked in!

Check out some of these fun photos from her session, and I highly recommend you reach out to this girl for your culinary needs!

Here is the link to her blog..

Ben & Sam

Sam and Ben have been so fun to work with from the first time I met them!

When we first met for their engagement session in Sedona you could tell these two adored each other! I will never forget watching Ben take Sam’s hand to help her across the first creek we went to together (which luckily none of us fell in despite the massive gaps between rocks in the creek).

That first session was magic, but this one meant a little more.

These two are now legally married, and will be having their big wedding celebration in October of this year! If you know me at all, you know I am HUGE on documenting every moment and I would say this was one of the bigger ones!

So, just to paint a picture here is how our day went:

It was 40 degrees, cloudy, and incredibly muddy in the creek! These two hopped a fence with me, and got right to documenting their current passage of their love story.

Take a look at these sweet moments I was lucky enough

to capture. I cannot wait for their second big day!

The Sweetest Mommy/Son Duo…

Every client has their own story, which I am incredibly lucky to get to tell through photographs.

Today, I would like to feature this sweet mommy/son duo! This is Morgan & Bray, mommy and son. Let me tell you, these two have an unbreakable bond that shows through each and every photo.

My first session with these two melted my heart, literally. Morgan was a new client to me, and from the moment I met her I could tell how much she loved her little boy.

Being a single mom is hard, but she made it look incredibly easy! Not to mention, her little guy is totally handsome, and was completely charming from the first second he got in front of the camera.

I was lucky enough to take these two up to the wooded area in Flagstaff, AZ and the location did not disappoint. With amazing mountain views, and the love these two shared it made for a DREAM session. I also may have teared up a bit watching her get on his level to whisper how much she loved him and to tell him stories to keep his mind off the cold temperature (lets just say there was plenty of snow on the mountains)!

Take a look at this duo, I promise it is worth your time!

Favorite Family Sessions of 2016

Wow, can you believe how fast 2016 came and went!

Last year was filled with some incredible sessions, but a few of my favorites were some big, loving families! And lets face it, I am a sucker for any family who just genuinely loves to be around each other and cannot stop laughing when they are together.

Each of these families in the gallery below hold a special place in my heart. Whether I have known them for 15 years or 5 minutes the bond was immediately formed, and from the moment they got in front of the camera I felt like nothing but family!

One of the things I often hear when I have large family sessions is that they haven’t had family pictures done since their kids were much younger. Being a photographer I find it so important to freeze those special moments whenever possible, so I definitely had some catching up to do in the memory department for these families.

So take a peak at these sweet families featured, and be on the lookout for some new families in the coming year!


2016 Wedding Favorites

2016 has been a year of growth to say the least!


Though every couple has their own unique love story, I am incredibly blessed to be able to be a part of the day where they vow forever to their best friends. I get to laugh with these couples, cry with these couples, and most importantly help carry their EXTREMELY heavy dresses around at times (which I equally love).

This year I was able to help shoot a few amazing weddings, and was able to create a styled shoot of my own by a GORGEOUS creek with another sweet photographer who really should have been a model to begin with! Lets just say, it has been a dream!

Every wedding day is different, but that is what makes my job so exciting! I get to capture the little details like the desert bars and the flowers, but I also get to capture the big parts like a dad giving his little girl away and two people becoming one.

So, before I start crying myself, I will just share with you some of my favorites from 2016. I cannot wait to see what 2017 has in store for my beautiful brides!

Allow Me To Introduce Myself…

First of all, I’m glad you’re here!

If we haven’t already had the pleasure of meeting, my name is Jennifer Colony (the one behind the lens who is almost never in family photos).

I am a natural light photographer, and I shoot everything from weddings to maternity and everything between/after!

Believe it or not, photography was not the dream career I had in mind when I was 5. I believe it started with a princess (not a career), vet (did I mention I love dogs?), journalist, and a psychologist. It only took 25 years for me to figure out what I really wanted to do, and that is to freeze moments and emotions that someone will cherish for life!

My journey into photography started with my own wedding. I would have never admitted it during the chaos and planning, but I loved being able to see all of the little details come together. In that time, I also had the pleasure of having a pretty great photographer show me what it meant to be in a career that he loved. We were nervous doing an engagement session, nonetheless with a stranger on the other side of the camera. From the moment he introduced himself and started taking our pictures though everything felt so comfortable. I remember thinking how awesome it would be to make someone feel so comfortable and beautiful in a situation they felt anxiety about beforehand. This was not the moment I realized what I wanted to do though..

It was not until after my wedding that I figured out that I wanted to be the one behind the lens. It was the feeling I got looking back at my wedding day pictures, remembering every emotion and every detail by just looking at one photo. It is a feeling I still have 2 years later when I look back at photos of the sunset ceremony and the horrible dancing during the reception (I wont name names, but you know who you are). I knew I wanted to be the one to help create those moments, so everyone could have that exact same feeling when they looked at their pictures!

So, here I am! It’s been a little over a year, and I have been blessed with the BEST clients anyone could ask for. Everyone has their own story, and how lucky am I to get to freeze a memory or an emotion someone will have forever!

This is just the beginning! Please stick around to see some of the gorgeous sessions I get to be a part of…